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2010 July 5
by Romy

It is painfully obvious to both the creator and the readers of this blog that I don’t update it often enough. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say (just ask Callum, we’ve been living together for three years now and I still talk his ears off), it’s just that what I have to say can’t always be said, either because it is too personal, too boring, too provocative, or too full of swear words. And sometimes, only occasionally, I prefer to plonk down on the sofa and watch horrible TV shows instead of writing something. When you can’t even find the energy to cook a meal, how are you supposed to write something even moderately entertaining?

The answer is here.

While I’m still going to try to write a meaningful bit at least once every two weeks, you will also find my answers to these prompts here and on

Brace yourselves.

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