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abookaweek 2012: week one

2012 January 8

The Ruby in the Smoke, by Philip Pullman

Category: Children’s / Young Adult

Story:¬†After her father dies in Singapore while investigating some shady accounts in his shipping business, Sally Lockhart receives a mysterious note telling her that her life is in danger. So of course she has to stick her nose in other people’s business and put her life on the line!

Opinion:¬†Last year I read an awesome book set in times past, featuring a fearless blonde chick taking on a group of enemies she doesn’t know, for reasons she’s not entirely sure of. The Ruby in the Smoke, I thought, was the YA version of that book: a more straightforward narrative, with characters who are not particularly complex, but the story was just as thrilling. The setting (19th century London) is so elaborately painted, and the people Sally meets on her journey are so full of life, that this takes the novel from what could be an average Nancy Drew-esque tale to an enticing, full-fledged mystery.

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