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abookaweek 2012: week twenty-four

2012 June 17

The Tiger’s Wife, by Téa Obreht

Category: Recent (published within the last year or so)

Story: The Tiger’s Wife intertwines stories about war in the Balkans, a family, and mythical histories. I cannot explain it in a more coherent way, but it makes sense in the book.

Opinion: There was a lot of buzz around this book last year, understandably, so when I bought it I had a fairly good idea of what the story would be like. It lived up to my expectations, and even exceeded them in some parts. However the story does lack a bit of depth and emotion. For all the heavy-hearted and serious topics it tackles, I didn’t feel any wiser, or sadder, or happier after finishing it. It didn’t make me laugh or cry, two qualities I appreciate in books. But despite that, this novel is fantastic. I love the combination of a contemporary story line with a mythical, historical plot, and the language itself is great.

Another thing I should mention is that about half-way through I suddenly realized that this story bears a strong resemblance to my favorite book, Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated. Three different story lines, all at different times? Check. A mythical version of the past? Check. Grandparents at the center of the book? Check. War? Check. Horrible scenes at a zoo? Check. None of this really impacted (positively or negatively) my enjoyment of this novel, but I thought it was interesting to note.

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