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2012 August 1
by Romy

When we were in the UK a few weeks ago, Callum and I went into a supermarket to buy some food. We were standing in line for the register, when in walks a woman in her late thirties, wearing a horribly unflattering but revealing wrap dress. As I caught Callum staring, he vehemently tried to deny it (“What? What? Why are you laughing at me?”) all the while turning a beautiful shade of crimson.

I had caught him, and he knew it, and I was determined to make his face look as red as possible for as long as possible.

5 minutes later we’re sitting outside, eating our food, when this woman walks past us again. I triumphantly look at Callum, whose face has turned red again in record-time, just as he opens a bottle of mineral water which proceeds to explode in his hands.

Romy: 1
Callum: 0

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