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abookaweek 2012: week forty-three

2012 October 28
by Romy

Mythology, translated and compiled by Edith Hamilton

Category: Collections

Story: A collection of all the major and most of the minor myths of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as some stories from Norse mythology.

Opinion: As much as it pains me to admit this, it has been 8 long years since I finished high school, and time has been busy rooting around my brain trying to eradicate as much as possible of what I learned. Latin was always one of my favorite subjects because of the stories we got to read, so I thought it would be nice to have a refresher of what all the gods represented, and the mischief they got up to.

This book is a great way to remind you of those countless stories, as everything is explained very clearly and concisely. However, since it was translated directly from Greek and Latin texts which had little eye for detail, the stories are extremely bare bones. I’m sure Hamilton did a great job translating, but I wish she’d added her own flourish, just to make it a bit more readable.

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